Lcdringer is a ringer for use on a Raspberry Pi with a PiFace CAD. The idea is that the audio ring announces the intention to initiate a video chat. This is useful in households which do not leave their computers or other electronic devices on all of the time.

Lcdringer connects to an XMPP server, listens for messages, and displays messages that arrive before activating an audible alarm. Lcdringer also responds to the messages it receives with an indication of whether or not the audible alarm was acknowledged with a button press.

Upon running, lcdringer reads /etc/lcdringer.conf. Here is an example configuration (replace EXAMPLE.COM, PASSWORD, USER1, and USER2; USER1 and USER2 are the users permitted to cause lcdringer to ring):



Detailed instructions that describe one way to build a device using lcdringer, a Raspberry Pi, and a PiFace CAD can be found here.

The lcdringer project is also available as a Git repository. To clone the repository, execute

git clone