Courses as Code: The Aquinas Learning System

The Industrial Age of Hacking

PivotWall: SDN-Based Information Flow Control

Using VisorFlow to Control Information Flow without Modifying the Operating System Kernel or its Userspace

Studying Naive Users and the Insider Threat with SimpleFlow

The Use of Cyber-Defense Exercises in Undergraduate Computing Education

Improving Application Security Through TLS-Library Redesign

On the Generality and Convenience of Etypes

Teaching Computer Security

Ethos' Deeply Integrated Distributed Types

MinimaLT: Minimal-latency Networking Through Better Security

Simple-to-use, Secure-by-design Networking in Ethos

The Ethos Project: Security Through Simplification

Rethinking Operating System Interfaces to Support Robust Applications

Digital identity security architecture in Ethos