CS455/555 Schedule

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Tuesday, Jan 25 Introduction Aquinas ssh, unix, and git
Thursday, Jan 27 Concepts Stallings Ch. 1 (skim)
Tuesday, Feb 1 Malicious Software Aquinas git Stallings § 6.1–6.8 Aquinas memsteal in C (or Go or Java or Python
Thursday, Feb 3 Software Vulnerabilities; net-error-handling.c netping.c netping-fixed.c netping-fixed2.c steald.go xssd.go xssd-fixed.go traversal.c Stallings § 11.1–11.2
Tuesday, Feb 8 Symmetric Crypto; ciphertext dictatk Aquinas memsteal in C (or Go or Java or Python Stallings Ch. 20 TBP: symcipher, hash, hmac
Thursday, Feb 10
Tuesday, Feb 15 Asymmetric Crypto TBP: symcipher, hash, hmac Stallings Ch. 21 Aquinas asymcipher and sig
Thursday, Feb 17
Tuesday, Feb 22 Authentication Aquinas asymcipher and sig Stallings Ch. 3 TBP: authentication
Thursday, Feb 24 Single sign on Stallings § 23.1
Tuesday, Mar 1 Access Controls TBP: authentication Stallings Ch. 4 Aquinas selinux
Thursday, Mar 3 SELinux
Tuesday, Mar 8 Review Aquinas selinux
Thursday, Mar 10 Exam 1
Tuesday, Mar 22 Software Security; deadlock.c disorder.c double-free.c leak.c libc.c Makefile nonatomic.c reader.c uninit.c use-after-free.c Stallings § 11.3–11.5 TBP: sw security
Thursday, Mar 24
Tuesday, Mar 29 Database Security; sql.go TBP: sw security Stallings Ch. 5 TBP: db
Thursday, Mar 31 Cloud Computing
Tuesday, Apr 5 Network Security TBP: db Stallings Ch. 9 Aquinas x509
Thursday, Apr 7 Protocols: TLS Stallings §§ 22.3–22.4, 23.2
Tuesday, Apr 12 Review Aquinas x509
Thursday, Apr 14 Exam 2
Tuesday, Apr 19 Protocols: email (Stallings §§ 22.1–22.2) Aquinas smtp in C
Thursday, Apr 21 Protocols: SSH
Tuesday, Apr 26 Web Application Security; serve.c Aquinas smtp in C (Stallings Ch. 11) TBP: web
Thursday, Apr 28 TBP
Tuesday, May 3 Rootkits TBP: web Stallings § 6.9–6.10
Thursday, May 5 Review