CS410/510 Schedule

Calendar feed: https://www.flyn.org/courses/cs410-2021-spring/schedule.ics
Read before class
Tuesday, Feb 2 Introduction; intro Aquinas ssh, unix, and git; pick a project
Thursday, Feb 4 Command line; unix2
Tuesday, Feb 9 Editors and GCC Aquinas git Aquinas editor, hello in C, and io in C
Thursday, Feb 11 Discussion; manifesto manifesto
Tuesday, Feb 16 Build systems; build-systems Aquinas editor, hello in C, and io in C Aquinas make and autotools
Thursday, Feb 18 Discussion; linux linux 1 & 2
Tuesday, Feb 23 Online tools; online-tools Aquinas make and autotools Aquinas fosshunt
Thursday, Feb 25 Discussion; bazaar bazaar
Tuesday, Mar 2 Packaging; packaging howdy.c howdy.spec Dockerfile test.cfg Aquinas fosshunt
Thursday, Mar 4 Discussion and review hackerdom
Tuesday, Mar 9 Exam 1 Open-source project selection (Aquinas foss) Aquinas packaging/TBP; plan your project
Thursday, Mar 11
Tuesday, Mar 16 Writing docs Aquinas packaging/TBP Aquinas doc/TBP
Thursday, Mar 18 Discussion bernstein
Tuesday, Mar 23 Shell scripting Aquinas doc/TBP Aquinas Bourne/TBP
Thursday, Mar 25 Discussion revenge
Tuesday, Mar 30 Licenses Aquinas Bourne/TBP Aquinas licenses/TBP
Thursday, Apr 1 Discussion licenses
Tuesday, Apr 6 Aquinas licenses/TBP
Thursday, Apr 8 Discussion homesteading
Tuesday, Apr 13 Exam 2 Open-source project bug & plan (Aquinas foss) Aquinas db/TBP; fix your project
Thursday, Apr 15 Databases
Tuesday, Apr 20 The Linux kernel Aquinas db/TBP Aquinas kernel/TBP
Thursday, Apr 22 Discussion cauldron
Tuesday, Apr 27 Aquinas kernel/TBP
Thursday, Apr 29 Discussion arch
Tuesday, May 4
Thursday, May 6
Wednesday, May 12 Open-source project submission (Aquinas foss)