CS120 Schedule

Calendar feed: https://www.flyn.org/courses/cs120-2021-fall/schedule.ics
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Tuesday, Sep 7 Introduction (Centennial 2311); intro Aquinas ssh, unix, git, and hello in Java
Thursday, Sep 9 Obj. 14: Programming and tools (Centennial 2311); tools Think Java Ch. 1
Friday, Sep 10 Tools lab (Wing 16)
Monday, Sep 13 Obj. 1 (=), 2a, 7: Variables, assignment, and operators (Centennial 2311); java-basics Aquinas git and hello in Java Think Java Ch. 2 Aquinas era in Java and slugging in Java
Tuesday, Sep 14 Variables and operators lab (Wing 16) Aquinas variables in Java and easter in Java
Thursday, Sep 16 Obj. 3, 16, 17d, 17e: Printing and reading values (Centennial 2311); io Think Java Ch. 3
Friday, Sep 17 Printing and scanning lab (Wing 16) Aquinas printf in Java, scanf in Java, and padding in Java
Monday, Sep 20 Obj. 1 (methods), 4, 5: void methods and scope; methods Aquinas era in Java and slugging in Java Think Java Ch. 4 Aquinas sphere in Java and cone in Java
Tuesday, Sep 21 void methods lab Aquinas void in Java and jimmy in Java
Thursday, Sep 23 Obj. 11, 17c: Value methods and testing
Friday, Sep 24 Value methods lab Aquinas functions in Java and areafn in Java
Monday, Sep 27 Obj. 2b: Boolean logic Aquinas sphere in Java and cone in Java Think Java Ch. 5 Aquinas expert in Java
Tuesday, Sep 28 Boolean expressions lab Aquinas bool in Java
Thursday, Sep 30 Obj. 1 (if), 9 (cascading): Conditionals
Friday, Oct 1 Conditionals lab Aquinas grade2 in Java, guess1 in Java, and zeller in Java
Monday, Oct 4 Obj. 1 (while, do, and for), 9 (counting loops): Loops Aquinas expert in Java Think Java Ch. 6
Tuesday, Oct 5 Loop lab Aquinas for in Java and Aquinas guess3 in Java
Thursday, Oct 7 Obj. 2c, 17a, 17b: Strings
Friday, Oct 8
Monday, Oct 11 Exam 1 Aquinas greets in Java and swap in Java
Tuesday, Oct 12 Exam 1 discussion
Thursday, Oct 14 Obj. 12, 13, 15: Arrays and debugging Think Java Ch. 7
Friday, Oct 15 Arrays and debugging lab Aquinas arrays in Java and debug in Java
Monday, Oct 18 No class
Tuesday, Oct 19 No in-person lab Aquinas greets in Java and swap in Java Aquinas factor in Java
Thursday, Oct 21 Obj. 6 (null): Immutable objects and the command line Think Java Ch. 9
Friday, Oct 22 Command line lab Aquinas cli in Java, Aquinas area in Java, and Aquinas volume in Java
Monday, Oct 25 Obj. 6 (orphans): Mutable objects Aquinas factor in Java Think Java Ch. 10 Aquinas poly in Java
Tuesday, Oct 26 Using objects lab Aquinas geometry in Java
Thursday, Oct 28
Friday, Oct 29 Aquinas geometry2 in Java
Monday, Nov 1 Designing classes Aquinas poly in Java Think Java Ch. 11 Aquinas triangle2 in Java
Tuesday, Nov 2 Writing classes lab Aquinas guest in Java
Thursday, Nov 4 Obj. 4, 5, 8: Access and UML
Friday, Nov 5 Aquinas uml in Java
Monday, Nov 8 Obj 9 (linear search): Arrays of objects (cards) Aquinas triangle2 in Java Think Java Ch. 12 Aquinas busytown in Java and busytown2 in Java
Tuesday, Nov 9 Searching lab Aquinas linearsearch in Java
Thursday, Nov 11 Obj 9 (selection sort): Objects of arrays (war) Think Java Ch. 13
Friday, Nov 12 Sorting lab Aquinas selectionsort in Java
Monday, Nov 15 Obj. 8: Interfaces Think Java Ch. 14
Tuesday, Nov 16 Interfaces lab Aquinas vehicle in Java
Thursday, Nov 18 Obj. 8, 10: Extending classes (crazy-eights)
Friday, Nov 19 Extending classes lab Aquinas vehicle2 in Java
Monday, Nov 22 Exam 2
Tuesday, Nov 23 Prepare GUI development environment Aquinas computer
Wednesday, Nov 24 (Thanksgiving adjustment) Aquinas busytown in Java and busytown2 in Java
Thursday, Nov 25 Thanksgiving break
Friday, Nov 26 Thanksgiving break
Monday, Nov 29 Obj. 9 (callback), 17f, 18: Programming GUIs TBD 10
Tuesday, Nov 30 GUI lab 1 Aquinas hello3 in Java
Thursday, Dec 2 Obj. 9 (callback), 17f, 18: Programming GUIs 2
Friday, Dec 3 GUI lab 2 Aquinas typist in Java
Monday, Dec 6 Obj. 9 (callback), 17f, 18: Programming GUIs 3 TBD 10 TBD 11
Tuesday, Dec 7 GUI lab 3 Aquinas metronome in Java
Thursday, Dec 9 Recursion Think Java Ch. 8
Friday, Dec 10 Recursion lab Aquinas recursion in Java
Monday, Dec 13 Final exam review TBD 11
Tuesday, Dec 14 Final lab period