Academic Advising

Computer science students at UW–L must satisfy three categories of requirements to graduate:

The first source of requirements is the general education program. This program encourages breadth in each student’s studies.

Our college requirements make up the second category. Computer science students must fulfill the requirements of our college to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

Finally, students must satisfy the Computer Science Department’s requirements. Our department provides recommended schedules that can help guide student planning.

WINGS provides a record of a student’s progress at UW–L. The “Advisement Report” provides detailed information about progress, the “Schedule Planner” allows you to select an arrangement of class times, “My Planner” is a tool that can help set your four-year plan, and the “What-if Report” allows students to see the effect of plan changes.

I recommend students maintain a complete plan for their coursework that indicates which classes they plan to take each semester, including electives. Student plans change, but it is helpful to maintain a constant path towards graduation. The goal is to graduate in four years or less, as additional semesters come at a very high cost.